You feign unconsciousness hoping that the German soldier will buy it. He loiters around the tent before a hail of bullets sounds. A fierce fight seems to have erupted on the left most side of the encampment. The German throws down his cigarettes and races over. The German soldier next to you perks up at the sound and races over to to the sandbags piled next to an 88mm cannon, about 100 meters away.

For now, it's just you and the bayonet, you quickly sneak it into your uniform. The sound of bullets grows increasingly louder and a muffled explosion carries across to an emplacement. The Germans that you can see are growing very antsy and are falling back to their third gun, when <boom> another explosion, louder, sounds near the second gun.

A few Germans began to turn tail, but they are shoved back into line by a grizzled sergeant. you look to your right and spot a fourth gun you had not seen before and find yourself looking at four German soldiers pelting across the field. You remain motionless as three of them pass you and leap at the fourth soldier with a yell of mixed ferocity and pain, plunging the bayonet into the German's now-lifeless body.

This strain causes you to collapse as a quite loud, third explosion can be heard next to the third gun. As you look up, you can see Lt. Winters, Sgt. Lipton, Sgt. Malarky, Sgt. Guarnere, Lt. Compton, Pvt. Haskey, Pvt. Talbert, Pvt. Gottlieb, Pvt. Woods, and two others from Easy Company.

Spurned on by the sight of your compatriots, you rise once more only to be tackled by the grizzled German sergeant. Your bayonet clatters to the ground and so does his pistol. There is only two options:

Try for the bayonet and pistol

Call to Lt. Winters