You try to yell out to Lieutenant Winters as the sergeant grabs the bayonet. As the sergeant races back towards you raising the knife, it becomes apparent that Winters didn't hear you. As you prepare for the death blow a shot rings out.

Lt. Spiers from Dog Company races over to you along with two others.

"Heard you, are you okay? Do you think you can give us an extra hand in taking the fourth gun?" Spiers quickly dictates

"Yes" you reply, not quite certain of what you just agreed to do.

You are given a Thompson M1A1 and limp behind the other five Dog Company soldiers. The fourth gun is heavily fortified and six defending Germans easily gun down the first soldiers except that Spiers leaps onto the side of the a trench out in the open and races, untouched, to the fourth gun. You stay in the trench and try to lay down the best cover fire you possibly can.

Spiers leaps into the trench while you limp in closely behind him, the only two survivors of the nine assaulting the gun. Both of you wave over the rest of Easy Company.

"Nice job back there" Spiers tells you, completely oblivious to the fact that he escaped death

"Thanks" is your reply and you feel exhaustion set in, along with the pain of walking.

You stumble your way back to St. Mere-Eglise, ditching your Thompson for an M1 Garand when a sharp retort of bullets breaks out and four men yell "SNIPER", what do you do:

Hide behind a bush and try to take out the sniper

Hide behind a cobblestone wall