You reach up and quickly cut the rope and both of you are instantly sucked out of the plane losing your weapons. Nielson is cut to ribbons by German anti-aircraft shells while you take two slugs in the shoulder. You are about halfway through your 30 second drop time when a couple MG42 machine gun bullets rip through your left thigh. Grimacing in pain, your parachute is easily surrounded by a pair of German sentries guarding an anti-aircraft gun.

They order you onto your feet, but your thigh gives way and you cascade onto the ground cursing and crying. The first German sentry brandishes a pistol in your face but you refuse to move and the other sentry takes his rifle and smashes it into your face. You lose consciousness.

A few hours later, you are awakened by the sound of the naval landing guns and the response of the German counterparts. Apparently you have not died, they have just taken you prisoner. You notice a bayonet to your right within reach and a sleeping German sentry to your left with his pistol just out of reach. You have multiple options:

Act unconscious for longer

Ask for water, then try to overpower the guard with the bayonet

Ask for water, then try to kill both guards with the pistol