After a long ship ride to Aldbourne, England the real training starts. Foxholes, high altitude and low altitude jumps, weapon training, and tactical training. Lt. Sobel seems to very jumpy in the field, often leading Easy Company to losses, but he was replaced by Lt. Mien, thankfully.

Winters was promoted to Lt. and Easy Company got a new Lieutenant Compton, a highly competent commander. Malarky was promoted to Sergeant and you were the first to congratulate him and then you were promoted to Corporal and he was the first to congratulate you. Rumblings spread through the camp about takeoff would be May 30 or June 4 or June 12 have become the newest topic around camps.

You set up a pool between third squad:

Malarky bets on June 5, Nielson bets on May 30, Patrick bets on June 1, Penkala bet on June 5, Gordon bets on June 6, Smoky bets on June 3, Woods bets on June 2, Ramirez bets on June 10, and Perconte bets on June 4.

What do you bet?

June 5

June 6

June 7