You break up the fight with Hoobler calling you and Webster awful names. You tell them both to shut up and set them straight. To try and get them back to being friends, you expedite the point that Sobel is the enemy not each other. Webster and Hoobler both seem to calm down and you have successfully calm down the situation.

You turn the corner and run right INTO Sobel. One look at his face tells you he is steamed and you slowly back away until Sobel calls you to attention.

"I hope you didn't mean those things back there Watkins" He gives a menacing smile, "Maybe TWO LAPS OF CURRAHEE DOUBLE TIMED WILL SET YOU STRAIGHT"

After throwing up multiple times and collapsing on the final lap, you miss your time by one minute and are forced to sleep outside. Webster happens by and rushes you inside.

"Sorry about Sobel, but thanks for breaking up Hoobler and I, we would have had to run" Webster pats you on the back and leaves for his barrack.

At least you made a friend today.