You ask the 502nd Able company leader if he would like an extra hand. He looks down at your weaponless person and grins, "Sure, take my Colt and lead the way"

After about fifteen minutes you spot a clear, field in which paratroopers are gathering. After a brief discussion, the Able Company tells the squad that the company is directed to team up with Baker and Charlie companies and capture causeway number four, the most heavily defended of the causeways.

"You can come if you want, the 506th is only 14 miles away" the commander tells you

He walks off before you can respond and you fall in line telling horror stories about Sobel to the Charlie company sergeants. Another two hours of walking and you arrive at a small bridge crawling with Germans.

A quick plan is formed and you are instructed to take 5 men to the center and start a distraction before falling back. At which point, the commander will let you return to the 506th. You settle into position and look for the sentries and important engineers. After five minutes you give up and will pick randomly and hope to hit the engineer. Who do you shoot?

The tall German on the left

The diminutive German on the right