With a mighty kick you send Nielson forward and watch as the prop blast sucks him out, hopefully he'll make it to the target. You in turn are sucked out through the hole in the side of the plane. You try to reach your knife, but it is whisked away by the wind along with your M1 Garand. You are all alone out on the side of the plane smashing every one in a while against the side of the C-47. Luckily, (or unluckily) a few bullets clip the side of the plane snapping the wires and sending you spinning down towards land. You chute opens and you start a graceful 30 second descent.

At about 100 feet from the ground a MG42 gunner spots you and sends a smatter of bullets your way. You take four bullets, on grazes your neck, one hits your right arm, and the other two hit against your left leg and are also mostly flesh wounds. The injury to worry about though is the bullet in the right arm, it has already started to soak your jumpwings. You almost wonder what Sobel would say, "Is that blood on your uniform, I don't care if you're wounded, go run Curra-", your parachute getting caught in the tree jolts you back into reality.

You are stuck 15 feet in the air with no weapons. You hear the sounds of an approaching German patrol and horse cart. At this point you have a few options:

Try to free yourself and hide next to a tree by the road

Play dead