Seeing this you carefully back away and move out of sight. As you move towards you barrack, you can hear Sobel yelling at Webster and Hoobler to double time Currahee. Instantly you feel awful, neither of them would have had to run if you would have broken them up. You race to Currahee and catch them fuming at one another.

"Hey guys wait up" You call

Both look back with puzzled looks, "Why are you doing this?" Hoobler slows so you are even with him

"I should have broken you guys up, that way you wouldn't have had to run" You orate, quite sadly

"Nah, we were arguing over a bet, which Hoobler says he didn't make" Webster responds, "It's okay"

"I'll keep running with you" You respond

The conversation continued and all three of you are closer as a result. All of you also beat the time set by Sobel to return by a full minute. You are congratulated by Sgt. Winters and Sgt. Lipton at the end of your run, both of whom promptly direct you away from Sobel. Today was quite productive