You tell the Able commander thanks, but will try to continue to find your own drop zone. After about three stressful hours of hide and go seek with German infantry, you estimate that you are with four minutes of the town the commander sent you to.

Unfortunately, there happen to be three German infantry and possibly more in front of the town and worse yet they do not seem to be firing at anything. The town is still under German command. However, the Germans seem to be very boisterous and very slow witted as they have failed to see, hear, or even be anything close to aware of the invading paratroopers. As you ponder this you hear the call sign.



"Is that Watkins?" Compton's voice carries from the nearby river

"Yeah, who is over there" You respond

"Me and couple others from some scattered companies and Sgt. Guarnere. Can you help us secure the town?"

"Sure thing Lieutenant"

"Alright, take these 3 from the 501st and those two from Dog around the back end of the town. Improvise from there"

You move along with the five men towards the back end of the town. You can see two snipers in the top of the left building, but no more in the right. Four foot soldiers hold the main entrance, but are not paying any attention. Two more can be seen in the right building. What are your orders:

Tell the two from Dog to take the snipers, take the rest to take down the four, then turn on the two in the building

Take all five and try to sneak into the left building

Wait until Compton attacks then strike from the rear