The Germans are too close and the parachute would just be too loud and too hard to get out of. You play dead and take a quick peek at the Germans. They have stopped and are debating what to do and then they seem to agree on something. One soldier approaches your 'dead body' while the others cover him. Out of the corner of your eye you see a tiny flash of moonlight on the barrel of a Browning M1918A2 and a split second later the approaching German is knocked down by the Browning's tracers. While the other Germans are ambushed by six other Americans.

You smile and wave to what you thought were Easy Company men form the 506th. The eight men approaching however are unfamiliar.

"Where are you from," a staff sergeant asks you.

"Easy Company, the 506th," you respond

"Long way from home son, we're from the 502nd Able Company and this drop zone is for the 501st," the sergeant replies "your DZ is twelve miles that away." He points north, or at least you think it's north.

You are lowered to the ground and are given two choices:

Tell Them You'll Find Your Own Way Back

Tell them that you will follow 502nd Able