The sharp retorts of the guns go off and your assault is on it's way. The snipers are busy with Dog company, while you and the 502nd men take down the clueless sentries. The other Germans in the right building race out and take positions in two foxholes you did not notice before. The Dog company men are taken down by the snipers however and the fight becomes a slugfest between the sniper Dog company could not take down and the two unhit Germans.

You can hear Compton leading the men through the town on the far side and they seem to be making progress unlike your troops. More shots are fired and you hear a 502nd soldier get hit. You realize that it is only a matter of time before you are overrun. After a few more shots, the three Germans move uniformly forward and two other Germans from the interior of the town move towards your position.

You try to hold out, but the other 502nd soldier is cut down and you hurriedly retreat, heaving grenades periodically. You manage to hook up with Compton on the edge of the town and give him the details on the far side of the town. He nods and tells you to help out Sgt. Talbert on the right side of the main assault. As you arrive, the Germans flood back towards the edge of town and finally out of it. as you move forward in Talbert's platoon a single shot rings out and the ricochet hits you in the leg. You sink to the floor.

Unfortunately, no one can help you until Doc Roe shows up so you sit out an assault on Brecourt Manor and an attack on Couldefield. But at least you lived.