Instantly, you hit the ground and crawl as fast as possible to the nearest cobblestone wall. You duck down as two more shots ring out followed by a long period of silence. You look across at Lt. Compton and he motions for you to pop your head up and check for the sniper. You duly oblige and look up near the building you thought the sniper was residing. Nothing happens. Compton and then Guarnere both look as well and the coast declare clear.

Your squad continues on it's way and nothing eventful happens. Col. Streyer congratulates each man on their participation in the attack on Brecourt Manor. Your wounds are cared for and thankfully, they are more flesh wounds then true injuries. Hopefully with a full nights rest you can take part in the action tomorrow. You spend the rest of the day and night catching must needed rest and bonding with your squad over some of Malarky's awful Irish stew. Winters breaks the news that tomorrow Easy will be attacking Couldefield to link with Utah armor. Today was a long and arduous day of days.