You go to training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, a long from hoe and it's hot. Not the best recipe for success, but you have been put in a great unit with a bunch of guys like you. In fact, Pvt. Donald Malarky actually lived within 10 miles of you, in Seattle. Unfortunately for everyone in the company, it is run by Lieutenant Sobel, who demands excellence and forces Easy Company to work twice as hard as the other companies and often turns on his men for the slightest infractions. For instance he dinged you for having dust on your helmet once then made you double time Currahee.

Currahee is the giant three mile hill which Easy Company has to go up nearly every day and sometimes twice a day. It's like hell, but a lot steeper and harder to escape the devil (or Sobel for that matter).

On the next to last week you see Pvt. Webster, the Harvard graduate, and Pvt. Hoobler, the youngest, start to yell and puch each other. At this point you:

Intervene and try to get them to make up, hopefully before Sobel sees

Leave before Sobel shows