You think that you can grab the tell the guard to get water, grab the sentry's pistol and kill him and then stumble to a hiding place. You call for water, trying to sound as feeble as possible. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this wakes the sentry who then goes to relay your message to the other guard, who apparently did not hear your very quiet croak for water.

The sentry ambles towards the other guard with his back to you and blocking out the other guard's view of you. Quickly you make your escape, grabbing the bayonet and rolling of the cot and limping quickly behind a tree. Almost instantly after crawling behind a bush, you hear the strangled cry of a German soldier, followed by gunfire. It appears that a fierce firefight has erupted on the left side of the base next to one of the three 88mm guns.

Thinking of Easy Company, you slowly make your way towards the left, trying make sure not to be seen. A few explosions can be heard next to two of the 88s and you can hear Malarky's voice followed by the angry lisp of Sgt. Guarnere. You call out to them and they take a pause to process your arrival and appearance, then they pat you on the back and hand you a German Karabiner.

After your encounter with Malarky and Guarnere, a third explosion can be heard next to the third gun. The rest of the fight is uneventful domination by Easy Company, other than Ronald Spiers taking Dog Company to take the fourth gun. Wounded, but with support you limp home with Malarky.

About halfway back to St. Mere-Eglise, a single shot cracks out and results in a Dog Company sergeant to pitch backward.

"SNIPER" the cry rises in unison from four or five men including yourself

You have a few options:

Take cover behind a bush and try to nab the sniper

Take cover behind a cobblestone wall